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Upcoming events

    • 27 Jan 2022
    • 24 Nov 2022
    • 11 sessions
    • Zoom Virtual Call

    IAC Members are invited to a virtual coffee break on the last Thursday of every month from 2-3pm

    What is a virtual Coffee Break?

    Just how it sounds, grab your favorite cool or hot beverage and join us virtually on Zoom for the opportunity to check in with ourselves as well our IAC family, and hear about important updates and news from IAC. This is an informal time to connect as IAC members.

    Please note that if you register, we will automatically add you to the standing calendar invitation. This means your email will be visible to other participants. If you do not want to be included in the calendar invitation for privacy reasons, please register but notify admin@iac.bm.

    This is event is for members only

    • 27 Sep 2022
    • 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Past events

18 Jul 2022 Supporting Vulnerable Persons
7 Jul 2022 All About the Money: the Board’s role in fundraising and financial management (Part Three Only)
23 Jun 2022 Fit for Funding Series
2 Jun 2022 The Best Practice Board: What good governance looks like in practice (Part Two Only)
2 Jun 2022 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Social Sector
16 May 2022 Healing Centered Engagement Certification
13 May 2022 Strategies to Support Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
5 May 2022 Get On Board: Roles and Responsibilities (Part One Only)
5 May 2022 Board Development Series 2022
7 Apr 2022 Healing the Practitioner 2022: Critical Conversations about race and social inequity
29 Mar 2022 What's Coming Up: An IAC Members Meeting
17 Mar 2022 Healing Centered Engagement 2022 Certification Information Session
3 Mar 2022 Starting a Registered Charity Nonprofit: PART TWO ONLY
1 Mar 2022 Case Management during COVID
17 Feb 2022 Starting a Registered Charity Nonprofit: 2 Part Series
17 Feb 2022 Starting a Registered Charity Nonprofit: PART ONE ONLY
15 Feb 2022 Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership Information Session
29 Nov 2021 IAC 2021 Virtual Convening of Human Service Providers
23 Nov 2021 Introduction to Nonprofit Management Certificate 2022 Information Session
17 Nov 2021 Discussion on Child Experiences within Bermuda Court Settings with Litigation Guardian Advisors
17 Nov 2021 Nonprofit Sector Wide Virtual Townhall
28 Oct 2021 IAC Coffee Break
19 Oct 2021 Donor Engagement Webinar
14 Oct 2021 All About the Money: the Board’s role in fundraising and financial management (Part Three Only)
22 Sep 2021 Top 5 Tips for Social Media Marketing on Low Budgets
16 Sep 2021 The Best Practice Board: what good governance looks like in practice (Part Two Only)
15 Sep 2021 The Design and Facilitation of Inclusive Online Meetings
15 Jul 2021 Get On Board: Roles and Responsibilities (Part one Only)
8 Jul 2021 Understanding KPIs: how to develop, track and report on key performance indicators
26 May 2021 Creating and Implementing a Diversified Fund Development Plan
20 May 2021 Virtual Project Management Tips and Tools
19 May 2021 Programme Design, Programme Evaluation, and Outcomes Measurement Workshop for Educational Nonprofits
5 May 2021 Collective Impact
15 Apr 2021 IAC Webinar: Managing Virtual Meetings Effectively
8 Apr 2021 IAC Microsoft Teams Webinar
31 Mar 2021 Healing Centered Engagement Certification
25 Feb 2021 IAC Coffee Break
4 Feb 2021 Developing Emotional Intelligence and Compassionate Leadership in Human Services
3 Dec 2020 IAC Member's Webinar: Addiction and Substance Abuse: What to do when clients are addicted
2 Dec 2020 IAC Members' Coffee Break
19 Nov 2020 Compassionate Care Virtual Conference
18 Nov 2020 Pre-Conference Webinar: ACES and Trauma Informed Care
29 Oct 2020 IAC Member's Webinar: Programme Design, Evaluation and Data Collection: tips and examples from the local context
3 Sep 2020 Abuse in the Home: supporting children and families experiencing abuse in the home
6 Aug 2020 Advocacy 101 Certificate Course Info Session
1 Jul 2020 Third Sector Forum: Raising Your Voice - Collective Action Post-Covid 19
24 Jun 2020 IAC Virtual Convening of Human Service Providers
3 Jun 2020 Creative Fundraising Successes
2 Jun 2020 ACES & Childhood Trauma Webinar
27 May 2020 IAC Convening of Trainers For Human Service Professional Development
26 May 2020 Growth Mindset and Resilience in Human Services
22 May 2020 Mindfulness 101 For Human Service Providers
21 May 2020 Assessing Social Need: An Introduction to Needs Assessment Tools
20 May 2020 Zoom 101
19 May 2020 PIPA Act Compliance in Remote Work
14 May 2020 Webinar: Responding to Crisis: Pivoting To Stay Relevant
7 May 2020 Webinar: Stress, Secondary Trauma and Self-Care for Helping Professionals
5 May 2020 Webinar: Supporting Staff during a Crisis: What Managers Can Do?
30 Apr 2020 Webinar: How are you doing? Responding to crisis and grief from a psycho-social first aid perspective
28 Apr 2020 Webinar - Moving To An Online Service NOW FULLY BOOKED
8 Apr 2020 POSTPONED - DATE TBC Convening of Local Trainers!
31 Mar 2020 POSTPONED - DATE TBC Programme Design 1: Needs Assessment Tools and Implementation

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